Falling Tracklist. All in My Head (Relationships) Lyrics. Released April 12, 2019. Before the Rain (Overthinking) Lyrics. one of CoolieCut’s more popular songs, not just for the not too bad of a verse that he spit but also for the comical Kin$oul line at the end followed by the beat switch. 2002 Lyrics: I will always remember / The day you kissed my lips / Light as a feather / And it went just like this / No, it's never been better / Than the summer of 2002 (ooh) / Uh, we were About “2002 (Lust)” (Unreviewed) 2002 is a love song created by Cooliecut from the album Falling which was based on situational mind control as said by the rapper. About Cooliecut Donald Giddaire (b.July 28, 1995), better known as Cooliecut (Also known as Kid Death), is a rapper from Texas. 1. He is part of the Members Only hip hop collective.

2. Falling Cooliecut. 4. 2002 (Lust) Lyrics. 3.

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