In the year 2007, Jakarta suffered one of its worst floods in five years. Torrential rains pounded Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital, starting in late January 2007, causing floods that buried parts of the city under as much as five meters (16 feet) of water, said the World Health Organization (WHO). Landslides and flash floods have displaced more than 36,000 in Jakarta and the nearby provinces of West Java and Banten, according to the ASEAN Coordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance (AHA).
Table showing the history of floods in Jakarta. Background • 40 % of Jakarta is located under the sea level. 19 February 2007 Floods in Jakarta, Banten, and West Java Province, Republic of Indonesia Type of Emergency Floods, triggered by heavy seasonal rain. • Jakarta is prone to flood due to poor drainage. • Jakarta experienced yearly and major similar magnitude of flood in 2002. Around 75% of Jakarta city was inundated, resulting in 57 deaths and more than 400,000 people affected. More than 340,000 people were made homeless in March, with no access to clean water and electricity. The economic losses totalled USD 900 million (Mohsin 2015). Jakarta floods: recovery effort begins as city counts cost of worst deluge in a decade ... It’s the worst flooding in the area since 2007, when 80 people were killed over 10 days.

With the help of local NGO, ARUS, MR was able to send close to $67,000 worth of aid supplies to the flood victims. 2007 Jakarta Floods  Torrential rain from 29 January-2 February 2007 resulted in a 1-in-50-year flood event in Jakarta.

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