Alvin the Treacherous (99) Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III (95) Toothless (How to Train Your Dragon) (62) Stoick the Vast (61) Dagur the Deranged (59) Astrid Hofferson (57) Snotlout Jorgenson (52) Fishlegs Ingerman (50) Ruffnut Thorston (47) Tuffnut Thorston (45) Exclude Relationships Alvin The Treacherous (Voiced By Mark Hamill) is the leader of the Outcast Tribe and the main recurring antagonist of Dragons Riders of Berk.Suffering from the same issues Berk had at the start of the feature film, he invaded Berk, seeking to capture the "Dragon Conqueror" by taking hostages to trade. Alvin the Treacherous is a Viking, leader of the Outcast Tribe that has appeared in the series Riders of Berk and in the books, being Hiccups arch enemy. He was said to have been banished from Berk many years ago and now lives on a savaged island of other Outcasts called Outcast Island. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Contents[show] Role in the franchise Alvin appeared in the series as the main antagonist in Season 1 and an anti-hero in Season 2. Alvin the Treacherous is the Chief of the Outcast Tribe and the first villain of the DreamWorks Dragons series. As the word of my exploits with training dragons to be our friends travelled, Alvin decide he would capture and use me to train dragons for his own sick deeds. Gadi Levy. - Alvin the Treacherous was the main villain, who had a knack for escaping certain death (usually via unconventional, unlikely, and vastly unpleasant methods) But his survival always came at a cost; by the end of the series he was completely hairless, missing an eye, his nose, an arm, and a leg, and covered head to toe in warts

Official website for Alvin Community College in Alvin, Texas. Alvin the Treacherous last edited by misterz173 on 01/01/20 11:21AM ... Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Comic Vine users. He is a viking with insipirations to know to ride on dragons like Hiccup and he was smart enough to change his inital plan to that plan after his 1st defeat. It was none other than 'Alvin the Treacherous.' This is a fan-made page of Alvin the Treacherous from Dragons: Riders of Berk. Banished from Berk long ago, he's known to live on a far away island, Outcast Island, and plans to get revenge on Berk, also wanting Hiccup to teach to his minions to ride dragons. Alvin the Treacerous is a villain and character from the How To Train Your Dragon Universe. Mark Hamill is the voice of Alvin the Treacherous in Dragons: Riders of Berk. I was now aboard his ship, watching the island of Berk fade in the distance. Click on Quick Links, Campus Activities, and News and Information. The 600-foot wide channel through the bar is one of the most treacherous passages in the country, as the river flows straight into the opposing waves of the ocean. Together. 30 likes.

Though he was later reformed of his evil ways by the second season.
I was now aboard his ship, watching the island of Berk fade in the distance. Though intially a villain, he slowly develops a change of heart, best shown as he later saves Snotlout from the Screaming Death, who is charged with several forms of treachery and is locked up. SHOW COMMENTS (0) He, along with others, will do anything in their power to get revenge on Berk. The human-occupied vehicle (HOV) Alvin enables direct data collection and observation by two scientists of the seafloor and water column to depths reaching 2.8 miles (4,500 meters) on dives lasting up to 10 hours with the support of an experienced, multi-talented support team. Currently he has hired a girl named Heather to spy on Hiccup and get his book while threatening her parents with death. Alvin the Treacherous.

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