Similar Species. Northwest birds have gray-brown breast, belly, and rump. Legs and feet are black. 2002).

Face is white with black stripes.Tail is black with white outer tail feathers.

The picture highlights the most important caveat, they have a larger bill than the Downy. The hairy woodpecker is commonly seen, not only in the wilderness but also in our backyards. In residential areas with large trees, this woodpecker often visits birdfeeders. Everything that is written about the Downy Woodpecker applies to the Hairy Woodpecker with few caveats.

Hairy Woodpeckers also have a longer and more distinct black mark on the shoulder, and in most populations, completely white outer tail feathers.

The Hairy Woodpecker's name is derived from the long, filamentous white or whitish feathers in the middle of its back, but this is not a good characteristic to use to identify this bird in the field Hairy Woodpecker The Hairy Woodpecker, on the other hand, has outer tail feathers that are pure white. Head has red hindcrown patch. The Hairy Woodpecker is non-migratory and ranges across North America south to Central America. If you're interested in more hairy woodpecker facts, then look no further. But even if you can’t observe these spunky birds, you can identify them by listening carefully. BirdEden will give you all related information, such as the size, characteristics, and diet of the hairy woodpecker… The Hairy Woodpecker's whinny call does not drop in pitch at the end the way a Downy Woodpecker's does. Otherwise, the black and white striped face, white belly and back feathers look very similar. Compare the picture of the Hairy with the Downy and the larger bill of the Hairy woodpecker becomes obvious.

And it doesn't have the black spots on its outer tail feathers like the Downy. These Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers appear nearly identical, but the Hairy Woodpecker is larger than the Downy, with a distinctly longer bill. The call of the Downy Woodpecker is soft and downy, like a duvet. Underparts are white, although young birds may be dingy white. Females lack the red nape. Males also have a red crown.

Bill is long and black. Both species are comfortable in forests and residential areas alike.

Box 332, Little River, ... or pitch can stain the white feathers of the Hairy Woodpecker brown (Jackson et al. Otherwise, the black and white striped face, white belly and back feathers look very similar. Hairy Woodpeckers have a much larger bill than Downy Woodpeckers, nearly the same length as the bird's head. Hairy Woodpecker: Small woodpecker with black-and-white upperparts, white underparts. Males also have a red crown.

featured photo CaroteNISM IN the haIrY WoodpeCKer RON LeVALLEY, P. O. A black comma-like spur of color juts onto the Hairy Woodpecker’s shoulders and is often used as a distinguishing mark. Hairy woodpecker adults have black-and-white upperparts, with streaks and spots similar to the downy woodpecker. The Downy is probably the most common species in the state.

Males have red on the nape in the adult and reddish crowns in immature birds. The subjects of our paper, however, with the exception of one individual (back cover), exhibited yellow only on the outer tail feathers.

Its nasal bristle, too, is small and not very prominent.

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