Arboreal "Crocodiles" Crocodile or Moorish geckos make ideal pets for “night-owls”. Ideally, these interesting little geckos should be kept in 10-20 gallon terrariums with a dry substrate and plenty of climbing opportunities, as they are highly arboreal. Ten Things To Look For In a Good Reptile Breeder. Place of Origin and Range: Tarentola mauritanica is a species of gecko native to the Western Mediterranean region of Europe and North Africa and widely introduced to America and Asia.

Under the alternate name, the crocodile gecko is also known as the Moorish gecko and what the good news for pet owners is, if they’re properly cared for, they will live for a long time compared to most gecko (a good 9 years). Offer a variety of live insects including crickets, mealworms, waxworms, and cockroach nymphs. Moorish Geckos have small granular scales with intermittent large tubercles. August 21, 2016. Shedding in Reptiles. Please … September 30, 2016. Rough Knob Tail Gecko Care Sheet. This common gecko is found in the semi-arid rocky steppes and woodlands of the Mediterranean. Moorish Gecko. The maximum head-body size is 3 & 5/16 inches (8.4 cm). Spending much of their time climbing, geckos are most distinctive because of their toes, which bend the opposite direction from human toes and have adhesive pads. Common Group: GECKOS Common Name: Crocodile Gecko, Moorish Wall Gecko, Common Wall Gecko Scientific Name: Tarentola mauritanica Distribution: Mediterranean Size: 5" - 7" Natural habitat.

Smooth Knob Tail Gecko Care Sheet. Feed babies and juveniles once daily. October 4, 2016. Geckos, Giveaway's, and Ron Tremper: The National Reptile Breeders Expo of 2016. Mourning geckos (aka smooth-scaled geckos) are among the most widely distributed reptiles in the world. Simply put, they can be found in the South Pacific islands, in Central and South America, and Hawaii. Mourning Gecko Care. Adults should also eat daily, although they may not eat as much as a younger Crocodile Gecko. Mourning Gecko (Lepidodactylus lugubris) Difficulty: Easy. Although their history in the pet trade is not very extensive, they appear quite hardy when provided with proper care. Crocodile Gecko Tarentola mauritanica Average Size Average Lifespan Diet Feeding Housing 5 – 7 inches long 7 – 10 years Crocodile Geckos are insectivores. Reptile Expos: Questions and Answers. August 16, 2016 . Also called a common gecko, a Moorish gecko is a type of lizard often seen in the pet trade. This is a nice, hardy species with very few problems! However, these are under ideal conditions and living conditions, so this shouldn’t be expected but you can achieve this longevity if you take good care of it.

Whilst mainly nocturnal they can be found during the day basking. Description : Size: Adults grow to 4.5 - 6 inches in total length (11.4-15 cm).

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