The Culture and History of Quotation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - Noncommercial - No Derivative Works 2.0 UK: England & Wales License. Company culture refers to the personality of a company. Every movie has a quote that stays with you.

Company culture includes a variety of elements, including work environment, company mission, value, ethics, expectations, and goals.

It defines the environment in which employees work. Google Arts & Culture features content from over 2000 leading museums and archives who have partnered with the Google Cultural Institute to bring the world's treasures online.

Culture is the name for what people are interested in, their thoughts, their models, the books they read and the speeches they hear, their table-talk, gossip, controversies, historical sense and scientific training, the values they appreciate, the quality of life they admire. Ruth Finnegan, Why Do We Quote? The Culture and History of Quotation .

"Culture is a matrix of infinite possibilities and choices.

—Wole Sovinka, Nigerian Nobel Laureate

From within the same culture matrix we can extract arguments and strategies for the degradation and ennoblement of our species, for its enslavement or liberation, for the suppression of its productive potential or its enhancement."

Download our … 12) John Mackey, Whole Foods Market: If you are lucky enough to be someone’s employer, then you have a moral obligation to make sure people do look forward to coming to work in the morning. (This post originally appeared on Corporate Culture Creator blog.) "Culture is a system for differentiating between in-group and out-group people." Culture is what keeps people together, so you could even say: "Culture is social glue." All communities have a culture.

Culture as shared meaning. It is the climate of their civilization.

Culture is a sham if it is only a sort of Gothic front put on an iron building -- like Tower Bridge -- or a classical front put on a steel frame -- like the Daily Telegraph building in Fleet Street. Find out if one of your favorites made the list in our roundup of these famous, clever & memorable film quotes. ( Tweet this quote) Want 38 more awesome workplace culture quotes?

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