Twin Peaks Release year: 1990 The first season of this quirky series follows FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper as he tries to solve the murder of high school student Laura Palmer. 1. James and Donna reaffirm their love. Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, Episode Sixteen "Arbitrary Law", Albert returns to examine Maddy. Cooper attempts to locate Laura's killer after the discovery of another victim. Ronnette Pulaski / American Girl 1989 – 1x01 Northwest Passage 1990 – 2x01 May the Giant Be with You 1990 – 2x02 Coma 1990 – 2x03 The Man Behind Glass 1991 – 2x22 Beyond Life and Death 1992 – Twin Peaks… Twin Peaks S02E09: “Arbitrary Law” (1/12/90) Posted on May 2, 2017 by Billy Stevenson in Television // 0 Comments In many ways, “Arbitrary Law” feels like the last episode of the second season of Twin Peaks – or at least the last episode that’s focused directly on Laura Palmer’s murder. Phoebe Augustine is an actress, known for Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992), Twin Peaks (1990) and Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces (2014). Movie details Cooper attempts to locate Laura's killer AKA: Twin Peaks, Твiн Пiкс, Das Geheimnis von Twin Peaks. Cooper asks for twenty-four hours to finish his case. Home / Series / Twin Peaks / Absolute Order / Season 1 / Episode 17 Arbitrary Law Albert returns to examine Maddy. "Twin Peaks" Arbitrary Law subtitles. Cooper asks for twenty-four hours to finish his case.

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