The United Kennel Club recognized the Australian Kelpie and the North American Australian Kelpie Registry was established so breeders could register their breeding stock.

The Australian Kelpie has a double coat with a short, dense undercoat. As such, it needs high-calorie, protein-rich diet to help sustain its energy needs. Temperament. Australian Kelpies have compact bodies with a broad chest, muscular lower body, and a medium-length, low-set tail. They are born leaders, and, so, it would be discriminating if we judge them as a pet. The Australian Kelpie comes in seven colours black, black and tan, red, red and tan, chocolate, fawn, and blue, any deviation from these colours is not acceptable in the show ring. It is a medium-sized dog and comes in a variety of colours. The name for this breed is similar to a creature from Scottish and Irish mythology – a Kelpie is a magical water horse that has ill intentions toward humans, particularly children. He is very intelligent and observant and can learn to do any task very quickly. The Australian Kelpie is a very energetic and agile dog. He is an athletic dog and loves vigorous exercise. Proteins are important in the continuing development of the muscles, immune system, and other organs of the Kelpie. The head is long and narrow. They excel at agility challenges and like running around. The Australian Kelpie is a good family pet, and is very friendly towards every member of the family. The Kelpie is an active breed that loves to work. The best food for an Australian Kelpie is a well-balanced diet of whole prey raw food. Jest Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Australian Kelpie The Australian Kelpies are great watchdogs. The main goal of the North American Australian Kelpie Registry is to preserve his good health, temperament, conformation and natural herding instincts. The Australian Kelpie comes in seven colours black, black and tan, red, red and tan, chocolate, fawn, and blue, any deviation from these colours is not acceptable in the show ring. Australian Kelpie Characteristics & Temperament. They are skilled and intelligent dogs with a rich history in Australia. If you keep them as a house dog, you should be aware that they expel massive amounts of energy and that they can be overwhelming for some people because of it. The medium length tail is low set. Australian Kelpie Basics. Both these organizations have the same goal of preserving the natural strength, temperament, and the overall health of the Kelpie.

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