Males are larger than females as the tail is usually half of the body length. While you most often see beardies in shades of brown and tan, breeders are producing lizards with new colors and patterns which are called "morphs." It has the triangular shaped head and strong legs with the muscular body.
Aside from being friendly and intelligent reptiles, there's lots of fascinating facts about them. Central bearded dragons can grow to be about 2 feet long. Random Bearded Dragon Facts. They are found in arid regions, including savannas and deserts in Australia.They are part of class Reptilia, and there are currently seven different species of bearded dragon.The most common is the central bearded dragon (P. vitticeps). Females are usually smaller than males. Western, or European, dragons tend to be very large fire-breathing, serpent-like, scaly creatures with wings. How big do bearded dragons get?

Bearded dragons are cold-blooded, semi-arboreal lizards in the genus Pogona that have spiny scales on their back and a pouch under their jaw.
Facts about Dragons 10: the ability to fly. Bearded Dragon Facts: The length of the bearded dragons can reach about 16-22 inches. Beareded dragons can actually run on their hind legs like a human when they are in stressful situations. The central bearded dragon is the common name for the species Pogona vitticeps, a type of lizard that lives in dry areas of Australia. It has the body color of tan to yellow. They change their body temperature according to the temperature outside. A bearded dragon pet can be an interesting addition to your home. The bat like-wings are spotted on the depiction of the European dragons. Half of the length of a bearded dragon's body is its tail. Facts About Bearded Dragon Physical Characteristics. Beardies are very smart lizards. Bearded Dragon Facts. This robust looking lizard can grow up to around 45cm including their long tail. They have learned how to open a doorway by … Contents. Eastern, or Chinese, dragons tend to be smaller creatures, with no wings, horns for ears, and are friends of humans. Another unique feature of dragon is the ability to fly. Bearded dragon set up Getting started with the right vivarium. However, the Chinese dragons are wingless. The term ‘bearded dragon’ is most often used for Central bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps), which isn’t surprising considering that this species is by far the most popular of the lot. Owning a bearded dragon, or 'beardy', is a big commitment as they have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, or even longer. Use the term wyvern if you want to call a dragon like creature, which only owns a pair of legs. Bearded dragons are cold blooded. If you are thinking about getting a bearded dragon, here are some “beardie” basics you should know. It has spines on the throat, on both sides of the head and both sides along the abdomen. Bearded dragons tails do NOT grow back like other lizards. These cute, friendly lizards make excellent first pets for many families wanting reptiles.

1 Description; 2 Habitat and behavior; 3 Diet; 4 Other websites; Description. Interesting Dragons Facts: The name dragon is derived from the Latin word 'draconem' which means 'huge serpent'. Bearded dragons are native to Australia, but most kept as pets in the United States today are bred from captive stock. A 120cm long x 60cm high x 60 cm wide vivarium is the minimum size required for one adult dragon.

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