The dogs do well in retrieving games without any guidance or training. Coat Color and Markings. This dog is known for being the state dog of Texas and possesses a true country spirit; they are diligent, alert, and always complete a task. The Lacy family history notes the breed to be the result of Greyhound/ scent hound/ coyote cross with the emphasis on the herding/ droving characteristics. The Lacy Dog or Blue Lacy Dog is a breed of working dog that originated in Texas in the mid-19th century. The Blue Lacy Game Dog filled the needs of colonial Americans for well over a century on ranches in the Southwestern US. The Blue Lacy is found in five acceptable colors: solid blue, solid gunmetal grey, solid red, solid cream, and tricolor. The Blue Lacy is also referred to as the "Lacy Dog" or simply "Lacy" and is a breed that appeared a few centuries ago in the Southwestern United States. Blue Lacy Temperament and Personality. They show a tireless dedication in guarding the livestock, no matter how difficult it may be. Blue Lacy owner's claim they are the perfect all-around dog, knowing where to be at just the right time. 436, the 77th Legislature honored the Lacy as "a true Texas breed". The Blue Lacy’s are intelligent and versatile working dogs.

Personality and Temperament … The Lacy was first recognized in 2001 by the Texas Senate. In Senate Resolution No. They are a bit sensitive to rough behavior. Gait: Smooth, free and easy; exhibiting agility of movement with a well balanced, ground covering stride.

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