Floor Brooders: A common method of brooding quail is with a floor brooder. The temperature for bobwhite quail is 99.5°F for forced air incubators and 102°F for still-air incubators.

A brooder should have an area that is heated to 100 degrees to allow chicks to stay warm.

You should locate your incubator in a room with a stable temperature of 70° to 80°F. This area is regarded as a 'Brooder'. If the temperature of the room fluctuates more than 10° to 15°F, it will be hard to keep a stable temperature in the incubator.

Building your own brooder box will keep your bobwhite hatchlings safe and secure until they're large enough to fend for themselves. The chicks set their own temperature by moving from one area to the other.

Spot brooding: The chicks are provided with a heated area and access to a cooler area.
The brooder must also provide a source of water and food. This is typically only used with large numbers of quail.

The chicks set their own temperature by moving from one area to the other. Brooder boxes are a must for newly hatched chicks, as the bobwhites’ small size makes them vulnerable to the elements.

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