The first battle of Narvik consisted of a naval battle that was fought between German and British destroyers during the invasion of Norway by Germany. 27: Norwegian and Allied forces attack Narvik, entering the town after a short fight. Attack and counter-attack Blucher's sister ship, Hipper, was also damaged when she was rammed by the British destroyer Glowworm, but she was still able to help take the city of Trondheim. 27: German Luftwaffe destroys Bodø, but only two British soldiers are killed. All ten crew were lost.

On their way out of the fjord, the British were attacked by the remaining five German destroyers, losing two ships themselves. On the 9th of April, all of Norway’s 6 ports had been attacked by Germany, Narvik being the port in the northernmost position. 5 April [ edit ] Without suffering the loss of a single soldier or sailor, the German Army and Navy had sailed 1,500 miles through waters dominated by the British Royal Navy and captured Narvik without firing a shot, bagged nearly 500 Norwegian soldiers, seized one of Norway’s major military depots, and even taken five armed British merchant ships and their crews. A force of five British destroyers reached Narvik undetected, sank two German destroyers in the harbour and damaged three more (first battle of Narvik). The news that Germany had invaded Norway hit London on April 9 1940 with the force of “live shells exploding at a picnic” according to one well-placed observer. After the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) had been expelled from Europe at the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill called for a force to be assembled and equipped to inflict casualties on the Germans and bolster British morale. 21: Allied forces advancing on Narvik gain important positions to the north. World War II: The trawler (212 gt) was bombed and sunk in the North Sea 18 nautical miles (33 km) east by south of Muckle Flugga by a Luftwaffe aircraft. 26: The British anti-aircraft cruiser HMS Curlew is sunk by air attack near Harstad.

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