The issue on the table: Secretary Hamilton’s plan to assume state debt and establish a national bank. " Cabinet Battle #1 " is the second song of Act Two of Hamilton and the 25th song in the musical overall. The line "they didn't ask for land" is a bit incorrect because France actually did ask for some islands and for control of the extensive land in French Louisiana. "Cabinet Battle #1" [Washington:] Ladies and gentlemen, you coulda been anywhere in the world tonight, but you're here with us in New York City. The issue on the table: Secretary Hamilton's plan to assume state debt and establish a national bank. Are you ready for a cabinet meeting??? … Secretary of the Treasury Hamilton and Secretary of State Jefferson engage in a cabinet meeting designated to a discussion of Hamilton's financial plan. This song is a sequel to “Cabinet Battle #1,” deepening the battle lines between Hamilton’s Federalists and Jefferson’s Democratic-Republicans. Hamilton the Musical - Cabinet Battle #1 Lyrics WASHINGTON: Ladies and gentlemen, you coulda been anywhere in the world tonight, but you’re here with us in New York City. This track shows the battle between Alexander Hamilton's Federalists and Thomas Jefferson's Democratic-Republicans. Are you ready for a cabinet meeting?

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