But because arctic Alaska is so vast and caribou vary their route from year to year, it can be difficult to plan a trip to see the large herds. Simple tips to caribou photography. They are well suited for travel in heavy snow, tundra wetlands, and cover hundreds of miles during their migration routes across Alaska's tundra. Stunning images from gorgeous animals. Caribou calves move west with their mothers through the Clarence River watershed, just miles from the Canadian border during the annual coastal plain migration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The Barren ground caribou inhabits much of Alaska in large nomadic herds. The image I wanted to capture is hard to describe.

2018 Caribou Migration Photo Workshop Photography workshop to photograph one of the largest Caribou migrations in North America. While both sexes have antlers, the male or bull caribou is the majestic one, whose rack can be large and broad. The Porcupine caribou herd in north-western Canada is thought to have the longest mammal migration on the planet.

It is almost impossible to predict where they will be tomorrow never mind next June. Videos I’d seen of them migrating in long lines of thousands reminded me of images of the Klondike Gold Rush a century ago, with a line of 400 men following a trail straight up the mountain. We will be photographing the Quamirjuaq caribou herd in Nunavut Kevin A Pepper September 18, 2017 photo workshop in canada, photography tour to photograph the caribou migration Comment Facebook 0 Twitter LinkedIn 0 Reddit Tumblr Pinterest 0 … Photographing caribou can provide uniquely stunning photographs - the powerful bull caribou with full antlers in the autumn or the tired and pregnant female caribou migrating in the spring. They’re incredibly agile and move fast. Caribou are curious yet cautious animals. Their movements are affected by snow depth, temperature, insect abundance and wind direction to name just a few factors. ARCTIC HAVEN: CARIBOU PHOTOGRAPHY.

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