The show will feature opulent recreations of Cockettes musical numbers, with commentary offered by … the legendary, gender-bending theatre troupe celebrates 50 years of music, … Let’s explore the scene, the inspiration, the shadow-side, and take a deep dive into this part of the glamtastic history of San Franfreakshow with “Goldie” star Birdie Bob Watt and Dan Karkoska aka DJ Dank producer of Cockettes Are Golden: A 50th Anniversary Celebration. The show, emceed by Russell Blackwood, will feature recreations of many of the company’s most popular numbers, with commentary by several original Cockettes who will … They were like hippy acid freak drag queens which is always a …

Mister WA interviews Scrumbly Koldewyn, original member and Composer of The Cockettes. The Cockettes will be celebrated at the Victoria Theater on Jan. 4 when "Cockettes Are Golden: A 50th Anniversary Celebration" takes to the stage. Fellow Cockettes pianist Peter Minton commends Maestro SCRUMBLY Koldewyn at COCKETTES' 50th Anniversary, 2020. - A 50TH Anniversary Celebration of the Cockettes.

John Waters made a surprise appearance at the Cockettes & Angels of Light 50th anniversary event that took place January 4, 2020, at the Victoria Theater in San Francisco. The 2017 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love celebrations have included The Cockettes in three museum exhibitions that garnered much publicity as well as feature articles in magazines both print and online, worldwide. On January 4th, the 50th Anniversary of the Cockettes will be celebrated in “The Cockettes Are Golden,” at the Victoria Theatre. Review.

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