They communicate almost everything they feel through body language, and the tail is the most expressive part of the canine body. Dogs who are meek and don't want to be noticed not only often abstain from wagging their tails, they frequently hide them by tucking them away under their back legs, as well.

A dog chasing its tail is a stereotypical image, but not many people actually know why our canines do it.

The dog's tail. Dogs sometimes use tail wagging as a way of giving off their individual identifying scents via the anal glands.

This is especially prevalent in self-assured dogs with lots of confidence. Some dogs may attempt to very slowly wag their tail.
Sometimes the dog’s tail … Meaning that if you are facing the dog and drew an imaginary line down the middle of his back that positive right-sided signal would appear as tail swings mostly curving to your left. Wagging speed may indicate: Excitement.

A dog is an animal, therefore it holds possession of its tail thus making an apostrophe appropriate. This is closest to the well-known concept of the happiness wag, especially if the hips sway with it. The tail movements – how broad it wags its tail and how fast it’s going – indicate what dogs feel or want to say. Dogs only wag their tail when another dog or friendly human is around to see it. As a matter of fact, dog tail language is very powerful stuff. Grammatically, both are correct. If you’re observing your dog in secret and are concerned about a static tail, don’t be. However, if your dog chases her tail regularly for attention, then this can cover up illnesses that might cause a dog to chase her tail. Dogs only wag their tail when another dog or friendly human is around to see it.
Why Dogs Wag Their Tails “The tail serves lots of functions, such as acting as a rudder in the water when the dog is swimming and acting for balance when a dog is running,” says Dr. Lisa Radosata, owner of Florida Veterinary Behavior Service. A broad wag means the dog is pleased, friendly and happy. Dog's-tail definition: any of several grasses of the genus Cynosurus, esp C. cristatus ( crested dog's- tail ),... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples The tail is a hugely important way of communicating for any dog – dogs learn it from their puppy littermates and mothers – and unlike humans, canines don’t tend to wander around talking to themselves. Dog Body Language Chart. For example, a grin can be a happy dog face, a sign of submission or a display of aggression - it all depends on the rest of the body language!

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