Name: Elf Owl – Micrathene whitneyi Other Common Names: Whitney’s Elf Owl (whitneyi); Sanford’s Elf Owl (sanfordi); Texas Elf Owl (idonea). ELF OWL DIET: Eats exclusively insects.

Elf owls get their name from their incredibly small size, about the size of a large sparrow! Elf Owl Biology A Reference for North and Central American Owls. Elf Owl (Micrathene whitneyi) This tiny, nocturnal hunter is also the world’s smallest owl. Because of their size, elf owls feed chiefly on insects - usually beetles and moths. They are considered the world’s smallest and lightest owl.

It inhabits southern United States and Mexico. Elf owls nest in former woodpecker holes or cavities in trees and saguaros. It has pale yellow eyes highlighted by thin white "eyebrows" and a gray bill with a horn-colored tip. A nocturnal owl that is believed to completely leave the U.S. for Mexico in the winter. They are hard to find in plain sight and when disturbed or sense danger, camouflage their bodies against a tree.

Jun 20, 2018 - Explore smeltercreekart's board "Elf Owl" on Pinterest. Length: 5.75 in. In size, it is as small as a sparrow. they have a wing span of 10 inches to 20 inches depending on how old. ELF OWL HABITAT: Nests in abandoned cavities in saguaro cacti, but also found in wooded canyons and other semi-arid scrub-like habitat. The Elf owl (Micrathene whitneyi) is a small grayish brown bird about the size of a sparrow found in the Southwestern United States, central Mexico, and the Baja California peninsula.

Subspecies: There are four recognized races of Elf Owl, two of which that have ranges that cross into North America. The Elf Owl is not only North America’s smallest owl but one of the smallest in the world. Elf owls migrate to southern Mexico before the end of October and return to the Sonoran desert by March to breed. In Texas, you’ll only find them along the Mexican border during the summer. Wingspan range: 15 in (38 cm) Elf Owl Behavior .

In order to deceive the predator, elf owl acts like a dead bird (called ‘playing dead’). Elf owl (Micrathene Whitneyi) is the lightest owl in the world. The elf owl frequently inhabits woodpecker holes in saguaro cacti; it also nests in natural tree cavities. See more ideas about Elf owl, Owl and Beautiful owl. Wingspan: 10.5 in Weight: 1.4 oz.

Migrates further south to southwest Mexico during non-breeding season. The elf owls yapping and chuckling call can be heard in a moonlit night, which is high pitched and resembles whistles and squeaks.

Average length of Elf owls is about 4.9 to 5.7 inches with an average body weight of just 1.4 ounces.

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