A warborn Cybertronian, he achieved renowned status during the Simanzi Massacre for having supposedly killed hundreds of Decepticons personally. Former warden of Garrus-9 and Current Enforcer of the Tyrest Accords

Not to be confused with... Other characters called Maximus. Fortress Maximus is a famed Autobot soldier. For a list of other meanings, see Fortress Maximus (disambiguation). Fortress Maximus", an episode of the Headmasters cartoon. Media with "Fortress Maximus" in the title.

Fortress Maximus joined Hound's attack team on Earth towards the end of Dead Universe incident, battling Grindcore and Straxus for the space bridge located there. 2001 — Fortress Maximus, the Autobot city-bot from Robots in Disguise.

The name or term Fortress Maximus refers to more than one character or idea. Not quite sure how he feels about this he excepts his fate and goes on to marry the other male despite knowing him. Fortress Maximus.

IDW comics Fortress Maximus has a very different personality in the IDW universe. His dedication to justice led to him being appointed warden of the Garrus-9 penal colony, but he suffered greatly at the hands of Overlord during the Surge . This month I take a look at the most impactful characters so far in the early Wave 5 meta and a few potential counters along with some updates to my Sky Bull deck list. 2009 — Fortress Maximus, the base of the Cybertron Elite Guard in Animated. He transforms into an Autobot city and base. While Sideswipe distracted the two lieutenants of Nemesis Prime, Fortress Maximus passed through the space bridge for the moon of Rotan with Warpath. Re: Fortress Maximus's IDW debut in yet un-named Spotlight Posted by Dclone Soundwave on October 7th, 2007 @ 8:58pm CDT It's too bad Fort Max isn't getting his own Spotlight. By some means they got passed Monstructor and successfully disabled the … For centuries Rung's kingdom had been torn to shreds causing mayhem throughout it, until the day he is given to the kingdom of Garrus 9, as a bride for the king himself Fortress Maximus. 1987 — "Head On!! ... Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Comic Vine users. Cerebros was once again seen when Spike transformed from Fortress Maximus's head to Cerebros and again to Spike's binary-bonded suit to show Buster that he was his brother. Dark Star Once Buster was retrieved and home safe, Spike saw no reason to continue his campaign with the Autobots, and so he tried to return to his previous life.

12K likes. Autobot City: Earth was once referred to as "Fortress Maximus", presumably an early name.

Fortress Maximus was hidden on Earth eons ago in order to protect the planet, slumbering in stasis beneath the surface of the planet, where Metro City would come to be built.
For this character in 2005 IDW continuity, see Fortress Maximus (G1)/2005 IDW continuity; For toys of this character, see Fortress Maximus (G1)/toys. 984.17 Α 785.06 Α 209.0 Γ 984.0 Γ Dreamwave IDW …

2001 — "Fortress Maximus", an episode of the 2001 Robots in Disguise cartoon. Fortress Maximus is the leader of the Autobot Headmasters. At a certain point, Fortress Maximus is a patient at the Delphi Medical Facility in a coma.

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