Keanu Reeves has fallen hard for artist Alexandra Grant because she has some qualities that most women he has met in Hollywood don't embrace. Phillips (1986). Today we’d like to introduce you to Alexandra Grant. Grant, 46, is a visual artist whose works have been exhibited in galleries in Los Angeles, Paris, and New York. She is interested in how we engage with words, through reading, writing, speaking, and translation, and how it shapes our perception of others, the world, and ourselves.

I’m a painter that explores language and narrative as image. Grant also founded a charitable organization to benefit arts-based non-profits. According to her website, she frequently collaborates with other artists, including Reeves, and writers.

I began my career making large-scale works on paper that map out short poetic texts by the hypertext-fiction pioneer Michael Joyce, first exhibited at MOCA Los Angeles in 2007. Chamberlin played “Days of our Lives'” Nancy Trent (1993) and Sloan played “Another World’s” Dr. Olivia Delaney (1981) and “Search for Tomorrow’s” Patti Tate (1976 to 1977). Fun facts: Aleksander also played “All My Children’s” Alec McIntyre (1993 to 1995) and “Capitol’s” D.J. 27 talking about this. Alexandra Grant is a Los Angeles-based artist who uses language, literature and exchanges with … Her grantLOVE project is an innovative philanthropic platform harnessing a bold trademark to generate funding for individual artists and charities.

Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. Describing herself as “a writer who writes with materials,” Alexandra Grant produces paintings, drawings, sculptures, and installations based on language. 2014-08-13T15:32:52.000Z The John Wick actor and Grant first collaborated on the book Ode to Happiness and Shadows, which was released in 2011.While Reeves … Alexandra, please kick things off for us by telling us about yourself and your journey so far. Through media such as paintings, sculptures, films, and photography, she examines the infinite perspectives of text. Alexandra Grant is a Los Angeles-based artist who utilizes language in various forms to explore identity and power dynamics. Grant Aleksander: Dogs in Hot Cars Share Tweet Donate Emmy-nominated Guiding Light star Grant Aleksander warns viewers of the dangers of leaving dogs in …

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