Sadashirao Bhau , the commander-in –chief of the Maratha army during the Panipat campaign was the was son of Chimaji Appa (born on 5 th July 1730) , the younger brother of Peshwa Bajirao .Sadshivrao’s mother was Rakmabai, the sister of Trimbakrao Pethe (famous by the nickname Trimbakrao Mama) .Rakhmabai’s family originally belonged to Guhagar in the Dapoli district of the …

What happened was that the eldest son of nanasaheb peshwa and heir to him vishwasrao was hit by the stray bullet and he fell on spot and was dead. Facts/Trivia In 1770, a person claimed that he was Sadashivrao, but he turned out to be an imposter.

On seeing the demise of his beloved Vishwasrao, Bhausaheb came down from his elephant, climbed on a horse and plunged into the enemy lines, without realizing the consequences. One of the greatest Maratha heroes, Sadashivrao Bhau, perished on the field of Panipat, fighting till the last.

His step-mother, Anapurnabai became sati on his pyre.

Despite the fact that Suraj Mal had killed Holkar's son in a battle,Scindia requested Suraj Mal to come to Agra to meet Sadashivrao Bhau for a greater cause though Suraj Mal did not trust Bhau. Bhau died on the battlefield of the ‘Third Battle of Panipat’ on 14 January 1761 (the day of Makar-Sakranti) in Panipat, Haryana.

Bhau was brave and courageous but acted on the spur of the moment.

When he was just a month old, his mother died in 1730, his father married Anapurnabai in 1731 and when he became 10 years old, his father died.

He in many ways revolutionized the Maratha army, bought in artillery and infantry, moved away from their traditional hit and run tactics.

Bhau was the nephew of Peshwa Bajirao I. Both Holkar and Scindia gave their word of honour to Suraj Mal for his personal safety while persuading him to come to the Bhau's camp. Some Lesser Known Facts About Sadashivrao Bhau.

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