One of the best ways to hook readers is also the simplest: Get to the point. Remember the hook needs to match with your story theme.Hooks can be in a form of sentence or a paragraph. The technique applies even to long documents. Involve your readers. Your audience wonders what you mean and how you compare a topic to something that seems unconnected. Give them a peek at your best hand, and slowly reveal the rest. But if you’re not at Whedon’s level yet, I think it’s your responsibility to try to hook your readers on page one of your book. To take some of the weight off, I’ve put together this blog post offering some top tips on … Some writers and editors say to start with snappy dialogue, while others reject that idea entirely. Sometimes you might find you’ve started the scene too early. If your aim is to write engaging fiction—stories that people will read and clamor for, even shell out their hard-earned cash to acquire—there is something very important you need to understand. Entice your readers with a book opening that's irresistible. Start with the bottom line, such as the result you achieved, the strategy you recommend, or the action you want. Hook readers with excitement. Alternate Your Technique. Get it right and your reader will commit to your story; get it wrong and they might put the book down before they even get to chapter two. If you don’t know what the hook is or why the reader would keep reading the scene, think about rewriting the scene opening. Then you’re not going to connect to your reader. Speak to them directly. Start off with something that immediately engages the reader from the opening sentence, like an action scene or an unexpected event (you won’t have a lot of room for exposition due to the restrictions of short story format). Alternate your technique so the reader doesn’t get bored. Get a gimmick and put it to work. Don’t get me wrong; Stephen King is a phenomenal writer, and his book “On Writing” still remains one of the most inspirational and helpful works about the craft. In Writer’s Digest Handbook of Magazine Article Writing, Frank Peterson advises writers to show only enough to keep readers reading. You should look at your reader and think of the things that will make them get attached to the paper and follow through what you have prepared for them. This is the best approach for any writers/authors to grab the readers’ attention. Grab the reader with an intriguing character, an intricate plot, a convincing tone. 1. This can also be a particularly effective way of starting your first chapter, as it will help give the setting a sense of immediacy and immerse the reader in the world of your story. An example of a metaphor is: Her boyfriend is a rat. After all, like I said in the beginning, your words will be locked away beneath an layer of incomprehensibility and that will make it so that nobody but the most persistent can come to understand what you’re talking about. Guest Post: Hook, Line, and Sinker- How to Hook Your Reader with Just One Sentence .

So, how can you sink that hook early? When I was young, I took to heart a terrible piece of advice from Stephen King which made my writing all the worse for decades. Whatever you use for the hook, you’ll know you’ve found one when it excites you. This video gives you ideas about using ellipsis, using different sentence starters, using questions and adding detail and description. Remember the hook needs to match with your story theme. It’s not surprising, then, that writing your opening hook can feel like a lot of pressure.

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