I think I could listen to him talk about anything (wigs, porn, how much he loved the movie Climax) for hours. John Waters, beloved Pope of Trash, never gives a bad interview. I have John Waters on the line, cult film-maker, writer, visual artist, collector and curator, journalist, raconteur and lifelong music fan.

However after just 13 minutes, Waters left the studio, after reacting negatively to Dunphy’s line of questioning and what he felt was the set-up of the interview. In 1972, film director John Waters achieved notoriety with Pink Flamingos, a movie in which a couple crush a chicken to death while having sexual … John Waters: Well you think that way, sure you do, that's why you keep working in a way.

I think that maybe my whole– it would be all remembered as one thing that I've done, you know.

An interview with John Waters about style, Comme des Garçons, and his famous quote about going home with somebody.

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