The Lapland Longspur is native to many portions of Europe and Asia and is a visitor to other portions of the world as well.

These birds gather in large flocks in winter. It is given during flight display (first example) or from perches on rock or hummocks in the tundra (second and third examples). The Lapland Longspur is a member of the Wagtail and Pipit Family (Moticillidae) and is uncommonly found here in fall migration and as a winter resident. Other longspurs. Lapland longspur (call / song) call, male, song. Males have black, white and reddish-brown markings on their heads.

Name also: Lapland Longspur; Family: Calcariidae; Appearance: A fairly stocky bunting with a short, thick, black-tipped yellow beak.

Lapland Longspur Calcarius lapponicus.
Chestnut-collared longspur. Lapland Bunting Calcarius lapponicus. Male's melodious song sounds something like the Bobolink's. Crows and ravens are, too, which makes identifying them in fall especially difficult. Lapland Longspurs combine a rattle call with sweet whistles.

I got two excellent but quick looks at the Smith’s. McCown's longspur. Males declare ownership of a territory by singing during short flights over it. In flight reminiscent of Skylark, but … Brood dispersal and multiple central place foraging by Lapland Longspur parents.

The first time it flew just as I was grabbing my camera; the second time I kept it in view through my binoculars in flight and got a great look at but no photos of the wider amount of white edging the tail compared to the other birds—Smith's Longspur has two white outer tail feathers while the Lapland Longspur has only one. Snow bunting.

Smith's longspur.

The Lapland Longspur’s usual call is a dry, musical twitter “ticker-tik-tik”, or “ticky-tik” or “prrrt” often given in flight. Close Mclaughlin and Montgomerie 1985b, Mclaughlin, R. L. and R. D. Montgomerie. At the current time this bird species is ranked as Least Concern. Animal Behaviour 33:810-816. The male's breeding plumage is much brighter than his winter plumage. In winter, flocks invade the grasslands of the Southwest.

(Recording of a Lapland Longspur) Migrating Blue Jays and robins are virtually always silent. Male Chestnut-collared Longspurs can be found in summer singing their flight-songs over the northern prairies. (1985b). Flight call description A rattle call is a sharp, musical "tudududk", usually two to five notes. Shown above is a Lapland Longspur in winter plumage and accompanied by a Horned Lark (behind). The longspurs are all found in North America; the Lapland longspur, or Lapland bunting, is also found in … Flight speeds of central place foragers: female Lapland longspurs feeding nestlings. Also gives a variety of soft musical notes including a low, whistled "hio" and, on … Song varies widely, but the males in … (1989). It is found in small flocks or singly with Snow Buntings or Horned Larks. Lapland Longspur Calcarius lapponicus.
This call is often preceded or followed by a short, clear “teu”. The range of the Lapland Longspur has not been quantified at this time but is considered to … The Lapland longspur (Calcarius lapponicus), also known as the Lapland bunting, is a passerine bird in the longspur family Calcariidae, a group separated by most modern authors from the …

They can be hard to see well on the ground, flushing when a birder approaches, to swirl away over the fields with soft musical callnotes; they are more easily observed when they come to drink at ponds. Patrik Åberg Michael Sveikutis. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 25:207-215.

Albatrosses (4) American sparrows, towhees and juncos (40) Auks, murres and puffins (9) Bird of prey (25) Commonly interspersed with the rattle is a burry, descending, "tzeew".

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