The Leopard seal gets its name from its spotted coat pattern. It feeds on a wide variety of creatures. Diet: Penguins, other species of seal, krill, squid, fish. Name: Leopard Seal, Sea Leopard (Hydrurga leptonyx). These seals travel widely, some even going as far to the north as the coasts in the south parts of South America and South Africa. They are very strong animals and they tend to take over the areas where they reside. The mother becomes fertile again, and the pups are on their own. Every 2 or 3 days, she will actually carry her tiny cubs to a new den to keep predators off the trail. Leopard seal pups learn to swim and are weaned from the floating ice fields at 1 month of age. Some seals, such as the harp seal, live for about 20 years, whereas other species of seal, including the leopard seal, have been known to live until they are 26 or longer. Three months after birth, seal … Conservation status: Least Concern. Weight: 200–600 kg. The diet of a particular Leopard Seal depends on its size. The leopard seal is second only to the killer whale among Antarctica's top predators.Its canine teeth are 2.5 cm (1 in). Location: The Antarctic plus southern hemisphere shorelines.

They are regularly seen around New Zealand. The leopard baby is called a cub, and by ten days old the cubs eyes are open and its fur is showing spots. They can also be about 11 feet long. The Leopard Seal is the second largest of all seals out there. Leopard Seal – Hydrurga leptonyx Description. Appearance: Mottled, dark grey on back, lighter on belly.. How do Leopard Seals hunt? They are dark gray in color and can weigh up to 1,300 pounds. The leopard mother, called a "leopardess", will have a number of nurseries set up throughout her territory. Leopard seals are second only amongst seal … Seal pups can usually swim within just a few hours of being born. The leopard (Panthera pardus) is one of the five extant species in the genus Panthera, a member of the Felidae. Also around 1 month, the seal pups are weaned from their mothers' milk and begin to feed on krill. Length: 2.5-3.5 metres. Antarctica, antarctic peninsula, pleneau island, leopard seal with baby on icefloe baby leopard seals Children ages 4 and up will love wiggling, waddling and walking like a penguin from ice float to ice float as they try to collect a family of penguins - Dad, Mom and Baby, all wearing matching color scarves.

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