The popping can sound rather loud as warm air expands or cool air shrinks the metal ductwork, causing them to pop. You can place rubber pads between the metal ducts and wood framing to make them less likely to pop.

I sat down with Paul Matusiak, a 30-year Batzner veteran, and explained the noise in my wall. Once in the walls, bats make scratching and squeaking sounds, as they tend to become disoriented when trying to get unstuck. Maybe they're sniffling too much and it drives us up the wall. Since bats are nocturnal animals, you will most likely hear these animal noises at night when the bats are most active. Popping noises may sound like they are coming from walls when the sounds are actually traveling down the air ducts throughout the house.

Next time you hear it, go over and bang on the wall good and loud and if the tapping suddenly stops, it's a critter. The clicking noise you hear is the hot-water pipe rubbing against a stud or joist as it expands and contracts.

We have visceral recollections of people close to us chewing loudly or clicking their long fingernails on the table as they talk. 'Chewing Sound' is your channel of choice to listen to eating, chewing and swalloing noises! The Problem Is You If a loved one’s lip smacking bothers you, you need to learn to cope, therapists say; Don’t try to change a chewer I wanted to understand how Service Specialists determined what was in a wall, how it get there, and how to get it out.

Sounds stupid? Although mice tend to make a chewing sound (from chewing your electrical wiring - yeah, they're that stupid) almost like it would sound if it were raining outside. When bats enter homes through small holes, sometimes they get stuck in the walls. The problem can be fixed by replacing the clamps that secure the pipe to the framing. Either's not good.

Annoyed by Loud Chewing? Thats the point. In most cases, however, the expense of opening the wall to do so may not be worth it. I also told him about the conversation I had with the customer regarding the squirrel.

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