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After realizing their potential, the four planned to commit to each other, calling themselves "Maktub".

"But in your language it would be something like 'It is written." It means fate or destiny. Source (s): I'm Arabic Native. Advanced Word Finder. Try it free.

adjective مكتوب بقلم رئيس التحرير.

Maktub is an arabic word which literally means it is written. Maktub is an Arabic name for boys that means “written”, “recorded”, “decreed”.

Maktub unknown It is a Arabic saying that can be translated to ‘It is written ’. Available with an Apple Music subscription. Use * for blank tiles (max 2) Advanced Search Advanced Search. God understands what is to come in our lives because He did write our destinies. Meaning of Maktub. مكتب means ( (an Office)) But Maktub means ( (somthing written)) = مكتوب. fated, foreordained, destined.

Maktub, whose name means "it is written" in Arabic, formed in 1996 as a pet project of four Seattle club musicians. maktub …

1st answer is Wrong. He shows that it has been written…

I believe the very first time I came across the word “maktub’ in print, as an adult, was in Paulo Coelho’s, The Alchemist.

"Maktub," the merchant said, finally. Use * for blank spaces Advanced Search. According to their website, Maktub is an Arabic word that Reggie got from Paulo Coelho 's … Do you have a question about Islamic baby names?

مَكْتُوب • ( maktūb) ( feminine مَكْتُوبَة ‎ (maktūba), masculine plural مَكْتُوبُون ‎ (maktūbūn), feminine plural مَكْتُوبَات ‎ (maktūbāt) ) written, written down, recorded.

The idea of the Maktub is beautiful, but it is dangerous for you to assume you already know what is written up there! Try it free. “Determinism is the philosophical view that, given certain initial conditions, everything that ensues is bound to happen as it does and in no other possible way; thus,nothing in nature is contingent, nor is there any room for human freedom”(Marcoulesco, 1399). Maktub means “It is written” in Arabic.

Favorite Answer. “It is written” in Arabic. See more ideas about arabic tattoo quotes, arabic tattoos and arabic qu Unique ➿ Wrist Tattoos Forearm Tattoos for Women with Meaning - Page 40 of 80 - Diaror Diary Arabic tattoo is a mysterious design which have their own culture and religious symbolism for the people who wear it. ", meaning it was always meant to happen/to be. ‎Maktub, whose name means "it is written" in Arabic, formed in 1996 as a pet project of four Seattle club musicians.

The concept of maktub and determinism are greatly incorporated in Islam.

Adjective. Meaning of name Origin of name Names meaning Names starting with Names of origin. Maktub indicates that He has written all and people should not fear because everything happens for a reason and we are all in His hands. so the 2nd answer is Correct.

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