The titular Mr. Jones is New York rapper Nas (real name Nasir Jones), who became good friends with Winehouse after being name checked. Inhalt. Er wurde erstmals 1972 von Billy Paul eingesungen und entwickelte sich zu einem Klassiker des Philadelphia Soul, der von zahlreichen anderen Künstlern gecovert wurde. Winehouse loves Soul music of the '60s and '70s, and it's likely that this song was inspired by the Billy Paul classic "Me And Mrs. Jones," which is about a couple who are cheating on their partners. Me and Mrs. Jones ist ein Song der amerikanischen Songwriter Kenny Gamble, Leon Huff und Cary Gilbert. It was released in December 1993 as the lead single and third track from their debut album, August and Everything After (1993). "Mr. Jones" is a song by American alternative rock band Counting Crows. Nobody stands In between me And my man It's me and Mr. Jones (Me and Mr. Jones) What kind of Fuckery is this? He told XXL in 2011: "I don't really remember if [producer] Salaam [Remi], who was really close to her, who introduced us, if he told me about it or not. Der Text von Me and Mrs. Jones beschreibt eine außereheliche Liebesaffäre zwischen einem Mann und einer Frau …

Lyrics to 'Me & Mr Jones' by Amy Winehouse.
"Mr. Jones" reached number seven in France, number five in the United States, and number one in Canada. Die deutsche Übersetzung von Me and Mrs. Jones und andere Billy Paul Lyrics und Videos findest du kostenlos auf Nobody stands in between me and my man It's me and Mr. Jones (Me and Mr. Jones) What kind of fuckery is this? “Me and Mr. Jones” serves as the third track on Winehouse’s Grammy award winning LP, Back To Black.

In this song, Mr. Jones would be the man she is having an … It was the band's first radio hit and has been described as a "breakout" single. General CommentYeah I would have to agree, I think the lyrics david posted are the correct ones.Anyway I love this song, and to my understanding its about Nas (Nasir Jones = Mr. Jones). So ”Me and Mr Jones” pretty much started as the song “Fuckery” that, you know, in between albums, Amy kept going to the studio and she’d call the song “Fuckery”. Basically she is cursing out an ex lover who apparently made her miss a Slick Rick concert, so now she's not inviting him to see the Nas concert because she's not letting anyone stand in between her and Nas. But I heard a lot about it before I even heard the song." Me & Mr Jones Songtext. The song rotates around her relationship with “Mr.

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