OK: those two little letters form a handy word that is recognized all around the world, but …

Mosquito definition: Mosquitos are small flying insects which bite people and animals in order to suck their... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Learn more.

; c. 1250: Alfonso X, Lapidario, f. 107v. IPA: [mosˈki.to] Noun. The origins of the word dengue are not clear, but one theory is that it is derived from the Swahili phrase "Ka-dinga pepo", meaning "cramp-like seizure caused by an evil spirit". What is the origin of the word "OK"? ‘Loo’ is often used in informal British English to mean ‘toilet’ – but where does the word come from? The Portuguese for mosquito is mosquito. […] ſera aguardado del danno delos moſquitos. : from Spanish and Portuguese, diminutive of mosca, from Latin musca ‘fly’. One word: chikungunya.

‘The mosquito can then act as a vector, transmitting the virus to mammals, such as horses or humans.’ Origin Late 16th century from Spanish and Portuguese, diminutive of mosca, from Latin musca ‘fly’. Like yellow fever, chikungunya is a virus carried by a gluttonous mosquito that has already dined on an infected person. mosquito (Old Spanish)Origin & history From mosca‎, mosco ("fly") + -ito.

The mosquito doesn't get sick but happily hosts the virus, nurturing it to greater strength before depositing some of the virus in the next victim.
There are a few theories; we explore them all. mosquito definition: 1. a small flying insect that bites people and animals and sucks their blood: 2. a small flying…. Find descriptive alternatives for word origin.

See mosquito in the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary Check pronunciation: mosquito Synonyms for word origin at Thesaurus.com with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Diminutive of mosca; a mosquito. Find more Portuguese words at wordhippo.com! Pronunciation.

Word Origin late 16th cent.

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