Nemrut, which was accepted as the 8th wonder of the world, made a good start for the tourism season and this year it seems that it will be one of the main the focus of interests for local and foreigner tourists. Good luck and have fun! The mountain is only accessible during the summer months. We are hoping to visit Mt Nemrut in late April all being well. Mount Nemrut is open to visitors between Sunrise and Sunset between April 1 and October 1, which is considered as summer season.

Mount Nemrut archaeological site is open to visitors every day of the week.

Nemrut (Turkish: Nemrut Dağı, Armenian: Սարակն Sarakn, "Mountain spring", Armenian pronunciation: [sɑˈɾɑkən], Kurdish: Çiyayê Nemrud ‎) is a dormant volcano in Eastern Turkey, close to Lake Van.The volcano is named after King Nimrod who is said to have ruled this area in about 2100 BC.. We are hoping to visit Mt Nemrut in late April all being well. Istanbul to Mount Nemrut a comprehensive tour that visits ancient wonders of Turkey that date back thousands of years. There are also overnight tours running out of Malatya or Kahta. We are a new restaurant trying to bring the Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine to Birmingham. The nearby town of Adıyaman is a popular place for car and bus trips to the site, and one can also travel from there by helicopter. Mount Nemrut National Park in Adiyaman, Turkey Located in the Eastern Taurus mountain range peaks in southeastern Adiyaman, Turkey, Mount Nemrut is a hidden jewel of temple tomb and residence of gods created by the late Hellenistic King Antiochos I of Commagene Kingdom (69-34 B.C.E) dedicating it to himself by considering himself as a god as well. Later in 1882, the academy assigned Otto Punchtein to Mount Nemrut to do research on the statues. Mount Nemrut is open to visitors between Sunrise and Sunset between April 1 and October 1, which is considered as summer season. EightGames - Escape From Mount Nemrut Statues is another point and click room escape game developed by Eight Games. Mount Nemrut ( Nemrut Dagi in Turkish) is a monumental site belonging to the Kingdom of Commagene, a small, independent Armenian kingdom that was formed in 162 B.C.

However I got info from travel book (2008 edt) that the place will be closed from Nov - Apr. During his Turkey trip, a tourist trapped inside the Mount Nemrut Statues. Mount Nemrut – Home to Gods Beheaded 6 April 2018 The Adiyaman Province of Turkey in the south east of the country is not wealthy – it is still classified as a developing rural region. We are fully licensed. This remote UNESCO World Heritage Site will reward those who make the long journey to see it with evocative sunsets and sunrises - here's how to … Mount Nemrut Opening Hours 2020. The complex on Mount Nemrut (or Nemrut Dagi as it is locally known) was built so that many religious festivals could be held there. There are many flights to Adiyaman Airport from Istanbul and Ankara.

After the quick start for the new season and the beginning of the first visits, the new welcoming center built for the guests is opened. In the winter season between October 1 and March 31, it opens at 08:00 in the morning and closes in the evening when the sun goes down. The most powerful eruptions of Nemrut occurred in the Pleistocene. From a height of 2150 metres it dominates the entire landscape.

Mount Nemrut National Park is a mountain measuring 2150 meters in height and the surface area is 13.850 hectares. 2 Day Tour .

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