This is the translation of the word "nature" to over 80 other languages. Different Languages To Describe Nature. Here are some words in different languages that are used to talk about nature: Ag borradh (Irish) – the vitality and promise that arrives with Spring, telling us that new life is about to start. Date: 15th September 2015. Please find below many ways to say natural in different languages. Saying nature in Other Foreign Languages Please find below many ways to say nature in different languages. I love nature and I love different cultures around the world. From mangata to murr-ma, a culture's vocabulary speaks volumes about what matters to the people who use the words. I love words. These lists gather them for your consideration and include flower names and baby names inspired by the heaves, New York baby names and French words that can be used as baby names. This is the translation of … Baby names drawn from nature, from places, and from words have become increasingly popular over recent years. Nature, Place and Word Names.

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