The Allied casualties in Operation Torch were light: around 500 killed and 720 wounded out of 850 ships and over 100,000 troops landed (pace Wikipedia). Operation Torch was the American and British invasion of French North Africa in November 1942. The United States got the quick, painless action that Roosevelt believed necessary to slowly lead the American public … Planning and Build-up Allied forces The Battle Western Task Force Central Task Force Eastern Task Force Aftermath. Operation Torch Map (Movement to Objective) Operation TORCH – Outward movements of assault and advance convoys Operation Torch Map (Overview) Operation Torch; November, 1942. The casualties were 556 killed, 837 wounded, and 41 missing for the Americans; almost 300 for the British; and more than 700 killed, 1,400 wounded, and 400 missing for the French. At the end, over 400 were killed or … This was to lighten the offensive by the German troops on the Eastern Front against the Russians. Allies 479+ dead 720 wounded Axis Powers 1,346+ dead 1,997 wounded. Operation Torch (November 8 - 16, 1942) was the British-American invasion of French North Africa (Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia) during the North African Campaign of the Second World War. Under pressure from Soviet leader Joseph Stalin to open a second front, the Western Allies debated how they might best engage Germany. French losses totaled around 1,346 killed and 1,997 wounded.
Operation Torch. Operation Torch thus provided Roosevelt with uneven results. The Soviet Union had been demanding the Allies to open a new front against the Germans. World War II Database ... although the French warships defending the port was driven off, damage to Allied warships caused many casualties. Wiki User 2012-12-05 19:54:10. allied forces : less than 2000 . It involved over 100,000 Allied ground forces over 300 warships. The four-day war was costly. Asked in World War 2, D-Day, USSR in WW2 How many casualties …
The operation was a compromise between U.S. and British planners as the latter felt that the American-advocated landing in northern Europe was premature and would lead to disaster at this stage of the war. Operation Torch, also known as Operation Gymnast, was a joint US-British invasion of the French North Africa during the Second World War. ~ Operation Torch - the Invasion of N orth A frica ~ 8th to 12th Nov ember 1942. Torch was an American led operation under Eisenhower with substantial UK support.

Operation Torch cost the Allies around 480 killed and 720 wounded. Casualties were held to a minimum—about 500 Allied soldiers were killed, another 700 were injured.

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