". Parasite Eve is more of an adventure game than a role-playing title . For Parasite Eve on the PlayStation, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Battle system? play latest.

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But the story, which starts out really good, gets a bit too weird and convoluted near the end, and … Parasite Eve is an excellent game. I find the whole mitochondria based story extremely interesting and original. FF9 (cause battle system was lacking) PE but with teams, this battle system js best with teams Chrono trigger would be crazy but i dont want it hyper realisitic, graphics should look like sonic adventure or botw For Chrono Trigger, i guess Trials of Mana kind of graphics would be great. The battle system is very entertaining. Movement in the "world map" (which is a map of Manhattan) is limited to specific destinations.Upon the player walking over a "hot spot", there's a chance of a random encounter. Parasite Eve is an action role-playing video game with survival horror elements. Battle mode, Parasite eve 1 used random trigger battles, Parasite eve 2 used a real time battle system, i think. Parasite Eve didn't quite live up to the high hopes I had for it.

Enemies materialize and attack players on the same screen that they move Aya around on, with no battle mode or screen being used. I'm not a huge fan of incredibly gory games; Parasite Eve is on the borderline of gory, but surely it's tasteful gore. Gameplay.

Gameplay is sweet--the battle system rules, and the whole equipment modification stuff is innovative and fun.

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I would say, though, that the game gets a tad repetitive around the middle. For Parasite Eve on the PlayStation, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Best battle system in an A-RPG". The game is about recreating the course of the novel, not giving players full freedom to explore the game world. Parasite Eve deviates wildly from the prescribed JRPG format, and even though its battle system introduced elements the developer would expand upon …

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