I survived because the seed of my promise still poured from the cracks in my shattered vessel, and gave way to an abundant harvest of spiritual fruit . In 1977, Piper Dellums (Shadia Simmons) is a black girl who lives in Washington, D.C. with her father, Congressman Ron Dellums (Carl Lumbly), an outspoken opponent of the South African apartheid system and the oppression of black South Africans, her mother Roscoe Dellums (Penny Johnson), and two younger twin brothers, Brandon (Anthony Burnett) and Erik (Travis Davis). Piper Dellums wrote a short story about when Carrie came and stayed with her and her family. The real Mahree's name was Carrie. Piper Dellums is a public and inspirational speaker, host, advocate, author, survivor, and drama, arts and writing therapist specializing in issues of aging, child, domestic and sexual violence, abuse, addiction and trauma.
I always thought it was just a made up Disney movie.

Oh my gosh, I just found out that this was based on a true story. I’m trying to get my hands on a copy of the novel where the short story, written by the real Piper Dellums, supposedly based off her childhood is published, but its like really hard to find. In the story she speculates that Carrie(Mahree) could have been killed due to her activist role against the apartheid. Piper Dellums, daughter of black congressman Ron Dellums, awaits the arrival of a South African exchange student who, to her surprise, is a white Afrikaans girl named Mahree. No one knows what happened to her, but it's speculated that she was probably killed at the age of 16 due to her activist role. Piper Dellums wrote a short story about when Carrie came and stayed with her and her family.

The film follows the friendship shared between Mahree Bok (a Caucasian young woman living in apartheid South Africa) and Piper Dellums (a black young woman living in Washington, D.C.).

Also Piper's brothers are actually older than she is. “I survived because the fires sent to consume me were no match for the fire of God within me. There is speculation the Marhee (the exchange student) never even existed, but if she is real her name was actually Carrie, and she might have been murdered at the age sixteen after joining some sort of activist group in South Africa after leaving America. 5,123 notes. Plot.

She actually gave a telephone Q & A with my class. So I was watching The Color of Friendship again because it’s a great movie (still holds up for the most part) and I wasn’t aware it was a true story! I am seeking the origin of my sacred wisdom-my … Watch & Listen Here.

Perhaps if I find the Piper Dellums story I'll find out more - or maybe not. CURIOUS ABOUT WHAT KIND OF IMPACT PIPER MAKES W/HER SPEECHES? Ron Dellums' daughter Piper wrote a short story called "Simunye" in which the movie was partly based off of, writing about a girl named Carrie, who came from South Africa to stay with them.

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