2-3 ½” (5.1-9.5cm). The stomachs of several Plains Leopard Frog examined by Hartman (1906) contained beetles, grasshoppers, crickets, a worm, water-snails, myriapods, and one solpugid.
The head is long and the snout is pointed. The southern leopard frog is a medium-sized frog with rounded or oblong spots on the back.

Distribution, habitat, and zoogeography of the plains leopard frog (Rana blairi) in Illinois. Snout spot usually present.

External eardrum has light center.

Dorsolateral ridge starts at the eye and interrupts near back end. for a discussion of zoogeography. Larvae are also similar to other species, but more slender and rounded with a noticeably more subterminal mouth than the larvae of the Northern Leopard Frog ( L. pipiens ).

Gray or brown with dark round spots on back. These frogs will forage far from water during the summer in search of invertebrate food.

The coastal plain leopard frog is endangered because of the loss of its breeding sites to industrial activity. The two folds along the sides of the back are narrow, distinctly raised, yellow or tan, and run continuously to the groin. The overall color is green, greenish brown, or light brown with some green on the back. A leopard frog (sometimes called a meadow frog) can mean any frog of about 14 species within the true frog genus Lithobates.They are generally similarly colored—green with prominent black spotting that sometimes appears as a leopard pattern.They are distinguished by their distribution and certain rather subtle ecological, behavioral, morphological and genetic traits. Belly is white, groin is often yellow. Plain's Leopard Frog Description . Management Practices The Fish and Boat Commission reviews projects in which possible threats to the habitat of this small frog is concerned. Plains Leopard Frogs deposit globular egg masses in shallow water, similar to Indiana's other leopard frog species. Call Description “Chuck-chuck-chuck”.

Guttural sound.

Illinois Natural History Survey Biological Notes 136:6p.)

All counties shaded in the map are based on specimens either examined by Brown & Morris or me.

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