As you observe, record your data in Observations. 2. Place grasshopper in the dissecting pan. Label these on Figure 2. (See Figure 1.) It does that without a brain. It does that without a brain. Grasshopper Dissection Procedure: Part A—External Structure 1. Observe that the body of the grasshopper is divided into 3 regions — the head, the thorax, and abdomen. Scientists estimate that there are millions more species to be classified. The grasshopper has two compound eyes and three simple eyes. For more detailed dissection instructions and information, check out Carolina® Dissection Kits. Locate the head, thorax, and abdomen. Observe the parts of the head. Place the grasshopper in the dissecting pan.

The grasshopper does not use its brain to walk or jump! Insects are the most diverse class of animals on the planet with over 1 million named species. the femur (the thickest part of the leg) to the grasshopper's body; a slender, spiny tibia connects the femur to the tarsal segments (lowest part of the leg). Obtain a preserved grasshopper & rinse off any preservative with water.

The brain is used to control the mouth and to send sensory information to … Place grasshopper in the dissecting pan. Use your hand lens to observe the grasshopper carefully.

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