A celebration of the soundtracks of films by Andrei Tarkovsky.

Released on Superior Viaduct, 2014. www.superiorviaduct.com Space: It’s the final frontier, the place where no one can hear you scream, and a boundless backdrop that squashes any man’s ego. Guy Maddin’s My Winnipeg (2008) is a more recent, similarly mother-centred and dreamlike stream-of-consciousness about the director’s experiences growing up in Ontario. Runtime: 108 mins Release Date: 05 Jun 2009.

My favourite movies are those I loved when I watched it for the first time and then could enjoy it when I watched them again. When you rate your music, the site's music/social recommender can recommend similar music and …

Watch over 200 free documentaries online. Whether they come in peace or to destroy and enslave us, we can't stop watching movies about aliens. But nature takes its course and things go from bad to worse. Catalog, rate, tag, and review your music. Read Empire's list of the 100 best movies from around the world. Learn more… Sean and Louise (Lanterna Magicka) with Eduard Artemiev, composer of the soundtrack for Tarkovsky’s Solaris, Stalker, and Mirror. most overrated: The Mirror.If I ever have The Mirror where the TSPDT consensus does Tarkovsky will be in my top 5 directors of all-time.I have it at #237 and they have it at #30 and as Tarkovsky’s #2 (I have it as his #6). Plot: A grieving couple retreat to their cabin in the woods, hoping to repair their broken hearts and troubled marriage. Nostalghia is a visually stunning, profoundly moving and deeply personal film about (as the title suggests) debilitating nostalgia for one’s motherland, the difficulties of cross-cultural communication and understanding, and the struggles to search for and act upon the truth. Andrei Tarkovsky felt music was most acceptable in film when used like a refrain in poetry, bringing the audience back to their first experience upon entering the poetic world of the film; at once the material is experienced as … Antichrist (2009) - Download Movie for mobile in best quality 3gp and mp4 format. Here are the 50 best. The soundtrack features music by Bach, and Tarkovsky’s father Arseny Tarkovsky reading from his own poetry. They're thought-provoking, eye-opening, and enlightening. Find out about Lanterna Magicka film co. and their work-in-progress Tarkovsky: Cinema of Dreams. Mirror is the celebrated Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky’s most autobiographical work in which he reflects upon his own childhood and the destiny of the Russian people. Also stream Antichrist on your mobile, tablets and ipads. Through their dis-cussions and work, Tarkovsky and Artemiev developed an idiosyncratic sonic voice in cinema found only in the three films they worked on together: Stalker, Solaris and Mirror.

Original soundtracks from Andrei Tarkovsky's The Mirror and Stalker.

The titles on our list of the 100 best sci-fi movies of all time have shown us utopias, dystopias, distant planets, and our own Earth destroyed. Some of these depictions are humorous, others haunting. I consider “rewatchability” an important aspect of cinema. But they’re united by their fearlessness in breaking down boundaries and thrusting us into worlds beyond our own.

Rate Your Music is an online community of people who love music. The Oxford English Dictionary defines dystopian as: “An imagined state or society in which there is great suffering or injustice, typically one that is totalitarian or post-apocalyptic.” The documentaries cover everything from music and cinema, to literature, religion, politics and physics. Movie: The Mirror (Zerkalo) (1975) info with movie soundtracks, credited songs, film score albums, reviews, news, and more. For more great films, please visit our complete collection, . "Mirror" invites to be immersed in the pure beauty of the imagery, enhanced by expressive lyrics by Arseniy Tarkovsky and the subtle but effective soundtrack, all tied together to form an essay about life itself, to simply marvel at it, suffer and rejoice. Some rely on complicated special effects, others use none at all. Tarkovsky developed with composer Eduard Artemiev. Best dystopian movies of all time The word “dystopia” might conjure a range of associations, but as a standalone concept, it remains somewhat elusive.

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