Today, we refer to the colonists who made the trip across the Atlantic Ocean on the Mayflower as the Pilgrims.. When the Mayflower embarked on her famous voyage to America in 1620, she was carrying 102 passengers. In The Mayflower and Her Passengers, I have attempted to resurrect the unique individuality of each passenger by providing short biographies for each person or family group. Perhaps the name of Governor William Bradford, Elder William Brewster, or Captain Myles Standish are vaguely familiar; but the vast majority of the Mayflower passengers have remained anonymous and nameless. New research has revealed the origins of several Mayflower passengers ahead of the 400th anniversary of the ship’s historic sailing.

The Mayflower & Her Passengers: 34 children; 68 adults + 30 crew Once Samuel More had decided that his wife’s four children were not his, he arranged with his employer, Lord Zouche, for them to be sent away on the Mayflower. Below is a complete list of all Mayflower passengers, along with a link to each for further information. William Bradford, written up about 1651 (file link is to the State Library of Massachusetts). The Mayflower Pilgrims made their final stop at Plymouth, UK, in September 1620 before their pioneering voyage to America.. Their story begins long before that though, with the passengers hailing from towns, villages and cities across England. Unfortunately, the Speedwell sprung a leak shortly after leaving England in August of 1620, and the ships had to return to port where the Speedwell passengers were then loaded onto the Mayflower for the long sea journey. Also included is a groundbreaking new biography of the Mayflower ship itself. These passengers hired the captain of the Mayflower, Christopher Jones, to take them to North America on board his cargo ship, the Mayflower and another ship, the Speedwell.

We all know the Mayflower as the famous ship that transported the English Puritans to America. The ship was at sea for 66 days before arriving and carried about 130 passengers and crew. View the original list of passengers (PDF, 2.6Mb) from the handwritten manuscript of Gov. Mayflower (1620). If you are interested in the Mayflower history or if you are a genealogist with Mayflower ancestors, you will probably enjoy this book. Others (such as Alden, Bradford and Standish) get 10-15 pages of info.

Some of the passengers only get a couple paragraphs, as that is all that is known. The passengers of the Mayflower consisted of servants, laborers, doctors, wives, children, and more. To most, they are simply known as "the Pilgrims."

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