MRQE Metric: See what the critics had to say and watch the trailer. With the twists and turns becoming yet more unconvincing and non-watertight, Roommate instills intrigue more than terror; heavily reliant on the narrative, the director rarely psychologizes. Certain to haunt the dusty discount shelves of video stores for years to come, "The Roommate" will likely move out of the limelight by the end of this semester. My experience is good so far problems renewing. first we start with the tale, “you” are going to be living with three boys because the supervisor of the location they live. Roommates Com reviews ( Unable to access website. Not at all. properly k, i don’t precisely find it irresistible but i don’t precisely hate it either! The Roommate on Netflix was not liked by critics, but Netflix users are watching it anyways. Find out more about The Roommate reviews, cast, and more. Rent a Room. So, yes, The Roommate — the umpteenth uncredited remake of 1992’s Single White Female — sucks bad, real bad. Totally Dissatisfied. Movie reviews for The Roommate. The Roommate is a movie whose story is instantly recognizable to anyone who has ever seen another movie of this genre, the ‘perfect (blank) who turns out to be more than meets the eye’. Unwanted Roommate became one of these responsible satisfaction suggests for me. Can’t advertise for roommates. Zero roommates.

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