Vice Chancellor's Message.

It was given the deemed status by University Grants Commission in 1962. Jamia Millia Islamia (Urdu: جامعہ ملیہ اسلامیہ ‎) is a University located in Jamia Nagar, New Delhi, India. Find English word Viand meaning in Urdu at UrduWire online English to Urdu dictionary. a bad habit; serious moral failing: Drinking too much is a vice. vice chancellor, All translation of vice chancellor, All meaning of vice chancellor, what is vice chancellor in All dictionary, vice chancellor related All Languages words It is a great privilege and honour for me to be the first Vice Chancellor of the Mir Chakar Khan Rind University Sibi. Originally established at Aligarh, United Provinces (present day Uttar Pradesh, India) during the British Raj in 1920, it moved to its current location in Okhla in 1935. vice synonyms, vice pronunciation, vice translation, English dictionary definition of vice.
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Vice versa definition, in reverse order from the way something has been stated; the other way around: She dislikes me, and vice versa. Viand & thousands of English and Urdu words Synonyms, definition and meaning. Define vice. Vice definition is - moral depravity or corruption : wickedness. It is a very difficult and responsible task to initiate the university … How to use vice in a sentence.

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... vice-chancellor; vice-chairman. Vice definition: A vice is a habit which is regarded as a weakness in someone's character, but not usually... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples [Middle English « Latin vice vice 3] vice Past participle: viced Gerund: vicing Copernicus was the first to suggest that the earth revolves around the sun, and not vice versa.

Vice definition, an immoral or evil habit or practice.

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