These are species such as: Red-eared sliders; Painted turtles; Yellow-bellied and other types of sliders. Have a sufficient filter because turtles do generate quite a bit of waste. Fish can’t. The reason for this is quite simple; these species thrive in most water environments, and a … If you plan to have fish in the tank, provide lots of cover and only have fast fish. Box turtles. The 3 most popular groups of turtles among pet owners are: Aquatic turtles. Even if you have plenty of hiding places, the turtle will eventually eat some of them sooner or later. Map turtles. You’re going to need something really good and really strong. Fish can’t. The best type of turtle for a fish tank is without a doubt aquatic turtles. Crustaceans such as ghost shrimps can live in the same tank with turtles. I have shrimps in my turtle tank as well but since i have lots of cover they have a higher survival rate. You should also ensure that there is, filter to clean all the dirt in the tank. Tortoises. A turtle can live in a fish tank by ensuring that the turtle species do not always hunt for fishes to satisfy their hunger.

Turtles can certainly live with other turtles, but the topic of fish is a bit more complex. So, unless you have enough hiding places inside the tank, I wouldn’t recommend keeping ghost shrimps with turtles. The Best Turtles For Fish Tanks.

expect some losses tho. This can be done by getting the mud or musk turtle or getting a mature turtle. As the turtles grow old, they try to avoid proteins and embrace vegetables and fruits. however, many turtles like to have them as snacks. Let’s now explore this subject in more detail so you can understand how to approach it and what is going to be possible. Basically, turtles can live in some pretty disgusting environments and get away with it. Goldfish will get eaten.

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