His remains were apparently. Contrary to old textbook depictions of Ferdinand Magellan arriving in the Philippines to invade the country, the actual purpose of Magellan’s voyage was to prove that Earth is not flat by circumnavigating the world by traveling westward to get to the East. He sailed from Seville (1519) around the foot of South America (Cape of the Virgins) to reach the ocean which he named the Pacific (1520).
By 1517, however, he found himself out of favor with King Emanuel and shifted his allegiance to King Charles I of Spain. Wiki User. but logically & even practically his …

Top Answer. He was killed in the Philippines, but his ships continued back to Spain (1522), thus completing the first circumnavigation of the … Magellan was never buried, as far as we know. 2016-04-13 19:46:54. It is unknown where Ferdinand Magellan is buried. but as far as i know there is probably no accurate information regarding a definite answer. He died in Mactan, Philippines, in a battle with Lapulapu. MAGELLAN was not really killed by LAPU-LAPU,he was killed bec. Magellan was killed in the Philippines while in a battle with the Kingdom of Mactan. this has been a question even for historians. Magellan’s Landing in Homonhon Island . the MACTAN SEA is so mudy and his armor's were so heavy then he was buried in the mactan sea bec. B orn in Portugal, Ferdinand Magellan took part in a number of Portuguese expeditions exploring and conquering the East Indies during the early 1500s.

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