Matthew Flinders was born on March 16th, in 1774. He entered the navy in 1789. Matthew Flinders (1774-1814), navigator, hydrographer and scientist, was born on 16 March 1774 at Donington, Lincolnshire, England, the son of Matthew Flinders, a surgeon, and his wife Sussannah, née Ward. He was the son of Mathew and Susannah Flinders. Captain Matthew Flinders - Explorer and Cartographer - born 16th March 1774 in Donington - the man who named Australia. Flinders was the …

He was born on March 16th, 1774 and died on July 19th, 1814. He sailed all the way around Australia and charted, or mapped, much of its coast.

Matthew married Ann Flinders on April 17 1801, at age 27 in Partney, Lincolnshire, England. His daughter later married, and her son Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie, became a famous archaeologist and Egyptologist. Ann died in 1825. Matthew Flinders was born on March 16 1774, in Donington, Lincolnshire, England, to Matthew Flinders and Susanna Flinders. Matthew Flinders, (born March 16, 1774, Donington, Lincolnshire, England—died July 19, 1814, London), English navigator who charted much of the Australian coast.. Flinders entered the Royal Navy in 1789 and became a navigator.

In 1789, he was appointed as a member the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom, the … In 1812 his daughter Anne was born. Matthew Flinders (1774-1814) was born in Lincolnshire in England. Matthew died on 19 July 1814; the day after his book was published. His remains have been … Matthew had one sibling: Samuel Ward Flinders . He pursued his primary education at a locally situated grammar school. In 1795 he sailed to Australia, where he explored and charted its southeast coast and circumnavigated the island of Tasmania. Captain Matthew Flinders RN (16 March 1774 – 19 July 1814) was a distinguished navigator and cartographer, who was the first to circumnavigate Australia and identify it as a continent. His father, Mathew was a professional surgeon. Captain Matthew Flinders - Explorer and Cartographer - born 16th March 1774 in Donington - the man who named Australia. Matthew Flinders was an English navigator and explorer. Mathew was born to Susannah and Mathew Flinders on the 16th of March, 1774 at Donington village, located in Lincolnshire. From 1791 to 1793 he served as midshipman under William Bligh {1754-1813) on a voyage to Tahiti.

Flinders joined the navy where he trained as a navigator. Sources claim that Flinders was motivated to tour the sea after reading Robinson Crusoe. He met George Bass, a ship's doctor, when they were both sailing to Australia on the Reliance. Facts about Matthew Flinders give the information about the prominent English navigator. Captain Matthew Flinders would have been 40 years old at the time of death or … Captain Matthew Flinders was born on March 16, 1774 and died on July 19, 1814. He was buried in St James, Hampstead. In 1789, he teamed up with Royal Navy to … MATTHEW Flinders was an explorer in the 18th and 19th centuries who was the first person to circumnavigate Australia.

Flinders, Matthew (1774 - 1814) Born on 16th March 1774 at Donington, Lincolnshire, England and died on 19th July 1814 in London.

Flinders wanted to become a sailor and explorer after reading the book Robinson Crusoe.

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