For example, Tribal Wildlife Grants funding has gone to help the Red Lake and White Earth Bands of Chippewa Indians reestablish the once abundant and culturally important lake sturgeon to … Lake sturgeon have been an important aspect of many Native American cultures and their disappearance from the land has difficult. Although sturgeon do not have the same spiritual importance to Native American culture that salmon do, therestill are a number of traditional beliefs related to sturgeon fishing. Most important is probably their role as a staple food animal for many fishing tribes, who consequently revere fish just as Plains tribes revere buffalo. Some Anishinabe and Menominee communitiesstill hold a spring ceremony to honor the sturgeon. Lake Sturgeon. The lake sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) is the longest-living species of North American sturgeons and can reach over 150 years old. Unlike other North American sturgeons, they occur almost exclusively in freshwater, from the St. Lawrence, the Great Lakes, and the Hudson Bay drainage waters to some lakes and rivers of Alberta, but like most other sturgeon species in Canada, they have declined in abundance … So how has their relationship with fish resources changed over the centuries? Lake Sturgeon Native Americans revered the lake sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) as an important part of their culture. In the 1800s, the sturgeon's economic value was recognized by European settlers and commercial fishing of sturgeon intensified, resulting in rapid declines in abundance of the species through the late 1800s. Native American Relationship with Sturgeon Seasonal subsistence was key in the lifestyles of Native Americans, and fish are an important part of that subsistence. Lake sturgeon were a large part of many economies and were a significant source of food and resources for tribes while also holding spiritual importance. Sturgeons do not play a very important role in Native American mythology, featuring most often as a food item. Native American Fish Mythology Fish play several different roles in the mythology of Native American tribes.

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