Jutland shows the futility of some arms races. The Battle of Jutland—or the Battle of the Skagerrak, as it was known to the Germans—engaged a total of 100,000 men aboard 250 ships over the course of 72 hours. In WWI the Brits had the preponderance of naval power in Europe.

Jutland was the first real moment in which the Royal Navy could test – in battle conditions – the new tactics and technologies which had been developed over the last 100 years of a peacetime navy. The Battle of Jutland occurred during the First World War and was fought between the UK, Canada, and Australia on one side, and Germany on the other. The Battle of Jutland: The Battle of Jutland was an engagement between British and German naval forces in 1916, as part of World War I. Countries put so much of the national wealth into a weapons system that they are loath to put it at risk. The battle was fought from May 31 to June 1, 1916. Question: Why did the Battle of Jutland happen?

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